This is our sometimes project to capture some of the beautiful libraries we run across in New England. (I’m in one as I write this:Belfast Free Library)

Who we are:

Splashy is my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS20. He takes all the “serious” pictures. He is rugged, and can handle being dropped, although we try not to do that. He also can brave the cold and swim a bit. He’s an outdoorsy type, but enjoys any adventure. Splashy has to talk to Camilla or some other computer to get his pictures to where someone can see them.

Camilla is my rescued Lenovo T400. She comes to me in her third (at least) life. Prior to joining me for this and other projects, she spent a year at UVM with my daughter. Before that, who knows. Her Tab key doesn’t work anymore, so she has a prosthetic one made out of her Caps lock key. Her 1 key is deteriorating. Maybe we’ll swap it out for the F1 key if it gets bad.

Winnie (short for Winifred)  is my rescued iPad2. Her refurbished camera is not what her original one was, so sometimes her pictures don’t come out as well as she likes (can’t we all say that, though?). She has an easier time getting her pictures to the Interwebs than Splashy does.

Me I’m Joe Ochterski, or Doc Och (that rhymes) as my students call me. I teach chemistry to 11th and 12th graders, do a lot of yoga, run a bit, and do body weight workouts a couple of times a week. Sometimes I write stuff.


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